Problems of Political Polarisation and Poe’s Law

When people want to talk politics, it often boils down to people stating their positions and then being classed, usually by someone else, as ‘left’ or ‘right’. It goes without saying there’s more than that (extreme right, moderate left, right-leaning, etc.) but it’s simple and, most of the time, effective. In recent years, I’ve been […]

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Why Call of Duty Won’t Die

Call of Duty is a franchise with simple design: an online-heavy, fast-paced first-person-shooter with little rewards every few seconds of play, a lack of consequence, a co-operative minigame, and a cinematic thrill ride of a single-player campaign. So how is it that the success of a series so simple seems so confusing to gamers and […]

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Answering “Can You Be a Gay Christian?”

In the endless timesink that is Youtube, I tend to stick to four particular subjects: video games, LGBT, religion, and politics. Four things it’s a seriously bad idea to talk about in person, with the last three often having an overlap. A video recently popped up in my suggestions sidebar, with the title “Can You […]

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Mass Effect 3’s Ending: A Thorough Criticism (3/3)

Well, that wasn’t so hard after all. Grab your coffees, dear readers, it’s a long one. In its defence of the ending, the gaming media caught a heavy dose of George Bush Syndrome: you start your statement with great confidence and a plan laid out in your head, but midway through you start to mess […]

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Mass Effect 3’s Ending: A Thorough Criticism (2/3)

Edit: Part 3 is now published. First, three pre-blog notes. To start, yes. I am aware I constantly misspelled the Mass Effect protagonist’s name as ‘Shephard’: a portmanteau of the word shepherd and the actual name Shepard. I’ve edited the first post to reflect the proper spelling. Secondly, it took me longer than expected to […]

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Mass Effect 3’s Ending: A Thorough Criticism (1 / 3)

Edit: 28 / 6 / 2012: Part 2 is now live If there’s anything the internet as a whole has been stretched to breaking point with, it’s discussion and controversy over the ending of Mass Effect 3. The final moments of Bioware’s sci-fi RPG trilogy snapped the fanbase apart, confused gamers, spawned an alternate character […]

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