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The Ableism of RSA’s ‘Crashed Lives’ Campaign

Driving is such an integral part of our lives that we rarely question how crazy it is. Every day, millions of people sit inside mobile chunks of metal, some of which weigh over two thousand kilograms, filled with highly flammable liquid that they consume in order to move several dozen miles per hour, all guided […]

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We must Teach the Controversy!

The education of our children is paramount to a perfect future, and I am shocked and appalled at the state of said ‘education’ – and you should be too. Our classrooms are being filled with lies, myths and theories, a grand conspiracy to censor the truth. People with little letters before their names dominate curricula […]

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Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Gaymercon!

A few days ago, I blogged my thoughts on Gaymercon, and made a reference to the Westboro Baptist Church. Little did I know that on the same day, it was confirmed that Westboro really are planning to boycott, almost a year in advance. What a coincidence! Rebekah Phelps-Roper posted on twitter that the Church had […]

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Gaymercon: A Cynic’s View

Conventions these days aren’t hard to come by. Gaming events and conventions, even for specific genres, are in no short supply. With this in mind, I wasn’t particularly surprised to hear of ‘Gaymercon’, another Kickstarter project that continued the trend of going viral and reaching its funding goal of $25,000 and surpassing it in a […]

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Problems of Political Polarisation and Poe’s Law

When people want to talk politics, it often boils down to people stating their positions and then being classed, usually by someone else, as ‘left’ or ‘right’. It goes without saying there’s more than that (extreme right, moderate left, right-leaning, etc.) but it’s simple and, most of the time, effective. In recent years, I’ve been […]

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Answering “Can You Be a Gay Christian?”

In the endless timesink that is Youtube, I tend to stick to four particular subjects: video games, LGBT, religion, and politics. Four things it’s a seriously bad idea to talk about in person, with the last three often having an overlap. A video recently popped up in my suggestions sidebar, with the title “Can You […]

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