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Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Gaymercon!

A few days ago, I blogged my thoughts on Gaymercon, and made a reference to the Westboro Baptist Church. Little did I know that on the same day, it was confirmed that Westboro really are planning to boycott, almost a year in advance. What a coincidence! Rebekah Phelps-Roper posted on twitter that the Church had […]

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Gaymercon: A Cynic’s View

Conventions these days aren’t hard to come by. Gaming events and conventions, even for specific genres, are in no short supply. With this in mind, I wasn’t particularly surprised to hear of ‘Gaymercon’, another Kickstarter project that continued the trend of going viral and reaching its funding goal of $25,000 and surpassing it in a […]

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Answering “Can You Be a Gay Christian?”

In the endless timesink that is Youtube, I tend to stick to four particular subjects: video games, LGBT, religion, and politics. Four things it’s a seriously bad idea to talk about in person, with the last three often having an overlap. A video recently popped up in my suggestions sidebar, with the title “Can You […]

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