About This Blog

This blog acts as my little chunk of the written internet. I am a gamer and writer with some strong opinions on video games, journalism thereof, horror, writing, art, and a little drop of ‘observational politics’ on the side (that is to say, I laugh and get angry at some things politicians say and do).

The blog comes from my desire to air these opinions, and started with my thoughts on the ending to Mass Effect 3. I don’t really have much patience for smooth stylish video editing and sitting behind a camera with my face in view isn’t my thing. I’m a writer, so this is my preferred medium.

My main reason for writing is just to put the ideas out there. It’s my belief that forming an opinion about something, anything, is really a collective process. Ideas, arguments, labels and concepts bounce off one another and we soak it all up, add it together and develop our own ideas. The collective sphere of knowledge, opinion and bat-shit craziness keeps on growing.

So sit down, put your feet up, read away and subscribe!


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