We must Teach the Controversy!

The education of our children is paramount to a perfect future, and I am shocked and appalled at the state of said ‘education’ – and you should be too.

Our classrooms are being filled with lies, myths and theories, a grand conspiracy to censor the truth. People with little letters before their names dominate curricula with no dissent, even when they can’t agree on anything in their own field!

It is the right of every parent to have their child educated with values that they deem important, but the public education system wants to overrule your rights and enforce a politically-correct agenda without showing the entire picture to students. The personal and religious freedoms of parents are being trampled over in favour of big academia. Our grassroots campaign aims to change that. We want our children a chance to see the whole truth and decide for themselves.

Show your support for the Question Holocaust campaign today!

We demand fair and balanced treatment of controversial subjects in schools!

For years, history classes have ignored the wishes of true skeptics and given undue weight to the theories of mainstream historians. Why is it that when these elitist ‘intellectuals’ are in a room together they will fight about details, but will all suddenly band together when it comes to forcing their worldview on our children?

Academic and religious freedoms are the basis of fair education, but what happens to those who point out the real figure of 5,700,000 deaths instead of the smugly touted six million? They are cast aside and ignored as ‘revisionists’ and ‘denialists’ by the establishment, with all their money and history degrees.

We can no longer stand for this, presenting incomplete evidence as fact, do these ‘historians’ have something to hide, why don’t they release the data? Our grassroots campaign to bring the German Historical Accuracy movement to the forefront aims to lay all the facts on the table, let the students decide for themselves, give the strengths and weaknesses, and teach the controversy. Register your support today!

Author’s Note

In case it wasn’t obvious, this post is a work of satire. Every single point, phrase and slogan has its parallel in the push to have creationism slipped into public school systems, under the guise of ‘intelligent design’, ‘spontaneous generation’ and other names to try and dress it up as science rather than religion. We’re not ‘creationists’, we’re ‘design proponents’. It’s not anti-intellectualism, it’s ‘teaching the controversy’. Specifics are debated, therefore the entire system is false. It’s ‘just a theory’ pushed by ‘mainstream scientists’.

To some, it may seem well and good on paper, but it’s not the case. There is no debate between creation and evolution. Nobody is privy to information that overturns all known biology, zoology, genetics, microbiology, comparative anatomy, virology, botany, geology, palaeontology, archaeology, and evolutionary psychology, especially when these people do not have qualifications in related fields. We do not ‘teach the controversy’ regarding the shape of the earth, its position in the galaxy, where babies come from, or the systematic execution of various groups leaving a death toll of approximately 5,700,000 ethnic Jews (and yes, mathematical and statistical conventions round this number up to six million) plus a great many gypsies, communists, non-aryans, and non-heterosexuals.

Creationism advocacy is not, sadly, something that is limited to the United States, even though the number of American creationists is shocking. Various think tanks even in the United Kingdom try to shoehorn pseudoscience into science classes. Yes, faith schools (some Christian, some Islamic) preaching a 6,000 year old earth with designed creatures exist in a country where Charles Darwin is featured on the damned paper money. Northern Ireland is rife with it, and its sponsors such as the Caleb Foundation trickle south into the Republic. Even in Catholic and National schools in the ROI, while there is no wedge strategy, creationism is not stated to be a myth in religion classes, and evolution is not shown until the leaving certificate cycle (which students take around the ages of 16-18), despite the fact that the Roman Catholic Church accepts evolution (albeit guided ‘theistic evolution’, which does not mesh with the facts). It is not ‘just an American problem’, it is a global one, in pockets where the weeds must be pulled out.

Why can’t you just leave them alone they’re not hurting anyone you’re silencing freedom waaaaaaaah they cry, but here’s the thing: a parent’s right to religious freedom does not overrule a child’s right to accurate information about the world. Education entails teaching facts and why they are right. Of course, teach science students the ins and outs of how science works and what the scientific method is, but correct them when they reach false conclusions and show them where they went wrong. A maths teacher doesn’t get a free pass when they teach the basics of addition but don’t correct a student that ends up saying 2 + 2 = penny-farthing cycle.

Creationism does hurt. It enforces untrue beliefs and stifles critical thinking. It denies the basis of how we came to be what we are, the viruses that hurt us, and the medicine that saves us. Again, why is this such a special subject? Reality is not partisan. Fact is fact, and you wanting to ‘express deeply held religious convictions’ does not alter it. Don’t complain about schools feeding your children correct information for six or seven hours each day when you have about eighteen other hours with them to stuff their heads with disingenuous denialist bunk.

By all means, we should question what we hear, and we should ask those questions; but ask them in search of answers, ask the people who actually know about these things, and when you get evidence, accept them. Yes, be curious, and ask questions to get your answers – do not pose questions and treat them as if they were answers.

Yes, evolution is a bloody, complex, multi-layered, almost unfathomably slow and sometimes counter-intuitive process, just as genocide is a terrifying part of our shared history, but they are not things that have been disproven, and they are not things we can ignore when educating others, no matter how one tries to dress up their opposition.

Further reading:

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Council of Europe 2007 declaration on the teaching of creationism: “The dangers of creationism in education”

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Correcting some misrepresentations of evolution in textbooks and the media, Evolution: Education and Outreach


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